Christmas Eve Childrens serviceAt St. Peter’s, children of all ages are welcome and an important part of our worshiping community. Worship is one of the most fundamental ways in which we learn what it means to be an Episcopalian, and when children join us, they learn worship by participating with the congregation each Sunday. The Body of Christ assembled is not complete without their presence.

In addition to being a part of regular Sunday worship, we incorporate children into our liturgical year in many ways. We welcome — indeed, encourage! — children to serve during the liturgies as acolytes or in other roles (see “Worship Team” page). And during the course of the year, we periodically hold services that are specifically focused on families, incorporating all ages into our worship. On major holidays, we also have wonderful programs for our Children:

  • On the last Sunday of Advent, we hold our annual Christmas Pageant. St. Peter’s is known for its zany, fun, and unusual pageants. Children of all ages participate and attend, and we hope you will too!
  • On Christmas Eve, we hold a 4:30 PM Liturgy for families and children. This service is especially geared toward children, bringing them in to the story of Jesus’ birth and the wonder of the season. It is full of carols and joy, and all are invited to participate in the service.
  • On Holy Saturday (the evening before Easter Sunday), we have a 4:30 PM liturgy for families and children, followed by an amazing Easter egg hunt. It is a fun and joyful experience, whether you are young or just young-at-heart.

pageantLogistically, we try to make things easy for families to bring their children to church. Although children are most welcome in worship, some families choose to have their younger children enjoy the child care of our “Cribbery” during all or part of the service. On Sundays and major feasts such as Christmas Eve, this child care is available for infants and toddlers through age 6 during worship. For more information about our Cribbery please visit our Nursery Care page.

During the service, we offer crayons and coloring books for children; just ask an usher if you would like one for your child to enjoy.

St. Peter’s also offers Sunday school for children and teens (and adults too!) during the school year. For more information about this, see our Christian Formation information pages.


There are two sets of bathrooms at St. Peter’s. If you sit near the front of the church you can exit out the door on the right of the church if you are facing the altar and there are two unisex single bathrooms just up two steps. If you are sitting at the back of the church there are stairs down to St. Joseph’s Hall (the parish hall) and at the far end of the room there is a women’s room and a men’s room.  See our Parish Maps page for more information.