Marking the milestones of life through the services of the Church adds meaning and depth to these important times. Whether at the time of baptism, where we enter into communion with the Church, at the time of marriage, where we commit ourselves to another person in front of God and our community, or at the time of death, where we enter into eternal life with our Lord, it is important to celebrate the sacraments of life.

St. Peter’s welcomes those who are seeking to share the sanctity and joy of these moments within the fold of the Episcopal Church. These services are most often celebrated at St. Peter’s for members of the church and their families, but if you are interested in holding one of these services at St. Peter’s and you are not a member, we would love to welcome you, and invite you to speak to us about the possibility of celebrating with us. Please call our office at 410-465-2273 or contact us via email at to discuss.

For more information on special services at St. Peter’s, please explore the links below: