Tom Hesson on OrganSt. Peter’s is proud to own a 1940 Wicks organ, which we use to enhance the service music and choir much of the time.

In the year 2007, the organ which was originally installed was totally overhauled and reconstructed. The original organ was built by the Wicks Organ Company and it was very limited. It had only three ranks of pipes.

The 2007 organ rebuild project added a small division of the pipes called a “Positif”. In addition to the positive division, a much larger console was installed. Through the magic of digitally sampled voices we now have a hybrid organ. So effectively the speaking voices on this organ have changed from  three ranks of pipes to the equivalent of 45 ranks.organ at christmas

Our organ now is capable of being played from nearly a whisper to a full organ sound including voices that extend into the 32 foot range in the pedals, some beautiful soft string sounds and En Chamade Trumpet. If you have interest in seeing, hearing or playing the St. Peter’s church organ, please feel free to contact Tom Hesson at