SingingThe St. Peter’s choir is a joyful, participatory body made of singers of a wide range of abilities and experience. The choir’s principal function is to support the congregation: the congregation are the most populous part of the church and at St. Peter’s they participate in almost all of the music.  In addition to supporting the congregation by leading the singing, the choir also sings choral anthems and preludes meant to further the liturgy and strengthen community within the congregation.

We welcome all who are interested in participating in music to be a part of the St. Peter’s choir.

St Peter’s choir:


  • It’s about the music: Being a choir member gives you the chance to learn and make beautiful music.
  • It’s about the service: The choir adds immeasurably to the worship experience at St. Peters.
  • It’s about the fellowship: The choir is a wonderful community of people that truly enjoy each others’ company.
  • What if I’m unsure about my voice or I don’t read music? The choir is inclusive, incorporating all skills levels. If you want to sing, here is your chance.
  • What is the commitment? The choir meets Thursdays at 7:15 for no more than an hour and a half covering the anthems for the next month. It then meets at 9:30 on Sundays to prepare for that morning’s service. It is ok if you can’t make a rehearsal – we just ask that you communicate your availability for our planning purposes.

If you have questions about the choir or are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact our Choir Master, Greg Fraser, at 410-730-0567 or via email at