Singing- Mardi GrasMusic is a cornerstone of our worship at St. Peter’s.  At our 10:15 worship (9:30 in the summer) and on holidays and feast days, we celebrate our liturgy with music and song. Using service music, hymns, and a variety of other worship music, our choir leads the congregation in song and praise.

The music we sing as part of our worship services is designed to weave in seamlessly with the liturgy of the day. While most of the music comes from the Episcopal Hymnal, we also use music from Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder, Love and Praise, and a host of other music sources covered by St. Peters’ licenses and compiled into a custom St. Peter’s Songbook. While grounded in Anglican tradition, we also believe in taking a universal approach to music- a mix of traditions meant to reach all people.

If you are interested in being a part of our choir or have questions about music at St. Peter’s, please feel free to contact our organist and choir master, Greg Fraser, at 410-730-0567 or via email at