There are many different ways to assist in Sunday worship. Each member of the worship team is an integral part of what makes our liturgy beautiful and welcoming. See below for the different roles we need to fill each week:

acolytes2SUBDEACON- The subdeacon assists the deacon and the celebrant at the Eucharist. The subdeacon is also the “default” person to carry the cross if the crucifer cannot be at the service. S/he performs other duties from time to time at the request of the celebrant.

THURIFER- The thurifer carries the thurible and boat when incense is used at the Eucharist or other celebrations.

CRUCIFER- The primary function of the crucifer is to carry the processional cross at the entrance, at the Gospel procession, and at the recessional.

TORCHBEARER- Torchbearers carry the candles in procession.

CHALICIST- The chalicist is the one who assists at the Eucharist by serving the  chalice of consecrated wine to the people.

LECTOR & INTERCESSOR- The lector and intercessor are readers in the service. The lector reads the lesson from the pulpit, and the intercessor leads the Prayers of the People.passtheplate 2

USHER- The ushers guide the lines for receiving communion, make the count of the congregation for the church record, collect the offering from the congregation, and tidy the pews after the service.

More information can be found about each of these duties in our Worship Team Manual. Contact us at any time to trained and begin to assist with services.

lectorWe welcome any member of the congregation to be involved with worship services. Children as young as 7 may be involved as torchbearers, and young adults often take on additional roles as they mature. Adults traditionally fill many of these roles as well, so we welcome all to be a part of the team.

For more information or to volunteer for one or more of these roles, please contact Katherine Schnorrenberg at or contact the office (410-465-2273 or

The current Worship Team schedule may be found on our Parish Schedules page.