pascal candleThe St. Peter’s Flower Guild is the group responsible for selecting and arranging the altar flowers for church services. In the Guild, we believe that our service brings the natural loveliness of the outdoors into the worship service, reminding us of the profound beauty of God’s creation. It is also a way we honor the memory of our loved ones, and a beautiful way to commemorate a special occasion.

The work of the Flower Guild doesn’t take a lot of experience, and we have training to teach you our process. Each volunteer serves about 2 to 4 times per year, and is an integral part in preparing our sanctuary for worship. Guild members take about an hour to arrange flowers for the altar, either alone or with another volunteer.

If you would like to get involved behind the scenes and share in this service to the people of St. Peter’s, please contact Julie Dunn at for more information or to volunteer.