altar guild roomThe St. Peter’s Altar Guild is a group of people who sets up and prepares the church for Sunday worship, weekday services, and special services (feasts and holy days, weddings, funerals, and baptisms).   Involvement in Altar Guild is a commitment of about 2 hours once a month, and is flexible in nature. As long as everything is prepared for the service, the work can be done at the convenience of the team, and participants may feel free to swap scheduled times with other members of the guild as they see fit.

Prayer and Worship

In the Altar Guild, we are committed to serving God and His church prayerfully and respectfully. We believe our work is an invitation to prepare and participate in the worship of God in Christ. Taking a few moments of silent prayer in the church before beginning the tasks assigned helps us to remember why we are here and who we are serving: God and God’s people. How we set up and prepare the church for worship is a reverent act that will enable others to become closer to God, closer to others, and closer to themselves.

Set Up and Preparation

altar guildThe core of what the Altar Guild does is preparation for services. Sunday set up is consistent from week to week; we prepare everything that the clergy and worship team will need to carry out our weekly services. Members of the Altar Guild quickly become familiar with what is needed for these services. Other services sometimes require special preparation, and members are given instruction for their set up.  See our Altar Guild Manual for detailed information.

Altar Guild members are also encouraged to offer suggestions on how we might better set up and prepare for worship and prayer at Saint Peter’s. Member feedback is greatly valued, and practices are often changed because of member suggestions.

When coming to provide altar guild support for the regular Sunday services, members should expect to be at church for about an hour.  If you are interested in participating in this important ministry, please contact our Altar Guild chairperson, Katherine Schnorrenberg, at

The current Altar Guild schedule may be found on our Parish Schedules page.