At St. Peter’s, we seek to serve Christ and one another at all times. We have many different ways to do this; through outreach to our wider community, through support of each other, through building and maintaining a strong community of faith, and through support of the internal workings of the church.

There are many opportunities for parish members to be involved with service here at St. Peter’s. if you feel called to a more meaningful role in worship, consider joining us as a part of the Worship Team, Flower Guild, or Altar Guild. If outreach to others is more your style, there are many ways to use your talents to benefit those in need: join the Outreach Team to assist with a variety of needs in our community, or choose a more focused effort, providing food for the needy or maintenance for the church.

However you choose to help, be sure to be a part of our vibrant community by joining in our fellowship opportunities. From coffee to crab feasts, St. Peter’s is a wonderful place to be a part of. And by participating in the fun, you have the opportunity to make others feel that this is their home as well.