childrenSt. Peter’s offers free nursery care, called the “Cribbery,” for children 6 years and under during the 10:15am Sunday liturgy (9:30am during summer months) and during high holy day services. Care is given by Ms. Denise Angles, our Cribbery director. Cribbery is located just outside the Nave of the church, near the entry, and is held in St. Peter’s Episcopal School spaces, specifically designed and furnished for young children. While children are always welcome in church at any time, the Cribbery is available for those times when active little people need to be able to move and play in a safe and entertaining area.

Feel free to drop your child off up to 15 minutes before the service starts. Many parents prefer their children to join in the service at communion time, but others opt to leave them in the nursery for the entire service- either choice is fine. Find us by entering the building at the back door (off of the upper parking lot) and turning left after the restrooms into the preschool area.