palm sundaySt. Peter’s has been a presence in Howard County for over 150 years and remains a proudly inclusive Episcopal parish. Here you will find a diverse parish filled with people from all walks of life — married, partnered, single, gay, straight, young, and not-so-young.

We are a blend of new members, those who have been with us for a few years, and those who have been part of the parish for decades. Our ages range from our youngest parish children to those who are much more mature; some of our very active members are in their 80’s or older! We are inclusive and rejoice in our diversity (racial, ethnic, gender, age, physical and mental abilities, and sexual orientation); we view our diversity as one of our greatest strengths and consistent with the Gospel message of inclusion.

PeaceSt. Peter’s strives to express God’s love as revealed to us through Jesus. We live out that love through our worship, dedication to outreach, and commitment to one another. We’re a community that studies scripture together, celebrates communion together, and gathers for meals, laughter, and fun. And in doing these things, we find ourselves strengthened for our work in the world.

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey — doubting, full-of-faith, or in between — there’s a place for you at St. Peter’s! Whether you are new to this area, just visiting, or looking for a new church home, we are happy to have you worship with us.


From the moment I came into this parish I felt at home.
                — a parishioner who has been with us for 3 years
We have been members of many congregations but this is the first one that felt like home.
                — members who have been with us for about a year

After 38 years at St. Peter’s I never cease to be amazed at how the spirit of this community continues to be welcoming, faithful, and joyful. The Holy Spirit is in this place and is intent on staying right here, in my opinion!
In our inquirers’ class, we were asked what made us choose to stay at St. Peter’s, and we all answered, it was the exchanging of the peace, during the Eucharist

The exchanging of the Peace is a special moment at St. Peter’s, a moment of greeting and connection for our parishioners and visitors. Remarkably, this moment in the Eucharist has been the drawing point for many of our members.