church exitingAbove all, St. Peter’s is a warm, welcoming and caring parish. We are unique in that our ritual follows the ancient Anglican traditions of the church, rich, colorful traditions that stimulate all the senses through music, color, incense, and movement. We are unique in that our congregation is diverse; we are old and young, male and female, gay and straight, single, married, divorced and widowed. We are from many backgrounds, Anglo, African American, Asian, some from far away countries. We are rich and poor, employed, retired and unemployed. Our community is bound together by a commitment to Christ and to be God’s instrument for peace and justice in the world. We believe that each of us, and each community of faith can make a difference in our world.

Our parish acts out our beliefs in several ways. We support activities which reach out to those around us who are suffering, hungry, homeless or troubled. Many parishioners contribute food, and time and energy to multiple support organizations. St. Peter’s is home to a certified preschool for children ages 2, 3 and 4, providing a safe, nurturing Christian environment for these children to grow and learn, with special opportunities for children in need in our area. As a community, we worship together and celebrate life through activities such as our crab feasts, receptions, Banjoes & Barbecue, Sunday hospitality hours, and more, all of which renew and refresh us so that we are ready to go out into the world with our faith.

Please explore our website to find out more about what we believe, who we are, and what our mission is in the world.