The Leola Dorsey Community Resource Center — a fantastic new facility, purpose-built by a public-private partnership to provide improved and expanded support services and resources to the temporarily homeless — opened in late August 2017, pretty much right on time in southeastern Howard County. It’s located at 10390 Guilford Rd., about 1/2 mile east of the intersection of Rte. 1 and Guilford Rd.  With its distinctive architecture (see below right) and road-side location, it is easy to find. For more details about the history and plans for this project, please see this Baltimore Sun article from June 2016.

new resource centerHot meals are provided 3 days/week by a consortium of area churches and congregations, according to the same schedule that had been in place at the previous facility on Rte 1: Monday and Wednesday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. St. Peter’s spot on that schedule has not changes — we continue to provide the first afternoon meal on the First Monday of each Month (FMM).

And on Sept 4th, 2017 — Labor Day — we did just that !! Memorable occasion: new facility, new kitchen, new Health Dept rules (food temp checks), some new St P volunteers and MORE PEOPLE to feed. There was enough food to go around, but not by much — and we will need to adjust for October. And we need 1-2 more teams of volunteers for this mission. Please contact Julie D or Pat H (at if you would like to help out in any way.

The new center’s kitchen has a refrigerator, an ice machine, and warming ovens — but does not have health department permits for cooking foods. Thus, it is necessary to chill and heat foods off-site to their correct temperature — and to transport and deliver them at temperatures approved by the health department for maintaining healthy foods. New food-handling procedures require that the temperature of foods be taken upon delivery and recorded by the serving teams; foods that arrive at temperatures outside the health department’s guidance will not be permitted to be served. Also, no food left-over from the meal can be stored in the refrigerator — all foods remaining after the meal must be removed from the facility.

Draft procedure documents have been posted here … stay tuned for updates!